interfilm Festival

Script Pitch 2017 

3.Stock at Volksbühne / Saturday 25 November / 11am - 1pm

For the fifth time, interfilm has the honour to present captivating short film screenplays by young international filmmakers. Hailing from all over the globe, eight contestants will present their idea for a short film to the public. Each finalist has five minutes to convince the international jury consisting of Jan Harlan (Producer, DE/UK), Juan Carlos Lossada Acosta (Producer, ES/VEN), Marija Razgute (Producer, LTU), Marijana Verhoef (Writer, SRB/DE). Following the event, interfilm invites for the „Script Pitch Anniversary Programme“ screening short films that have been realized by Script Pitch Alumni during the last five years.


Script Pitch 2017 - Winners

Congratulations to all winners!

Best Pitch - Elizabeth Chatelain - USA - „Paper Geese"

500 € by 25p *MEDIA GROUP - link
Script Development by Master School Drehbuch - link

ESP Jury Award - Léa Triboulet - France - „Maïssa"

Participation at European Short Pitch 2018 supported by a grant by NISI MASA - European Network for Young Cinema - link

Daazo Award - Raluca David - Romania - „6pm Traffic"

A one-on-one session of individual festival strategy consulting provided by daazo - link

Special Mention - Sabine Redlich - Germany - „Get Lucky"


Script Pitch & Script Lab - Finalists

Congratulations to this year's finalists! We are looking forward to once again working with eight talented screenwriters from all over the world:

Elizabeth Chatelain. USA
Léa Triboulet. France
Manos Papadakis. Greece
Muthoni Waigwa. Kenya
Nina Blažin. Slovenia
Ragnar Snorrason. Iceland
Raluca David. Romania
Sabine Redlich. Germany



About the scripts

Storytelling through film thrives on images strong enough to stand on their own and create new worlds purely in the way they are staged and shot. The authors in this year’s Script Pitch have come up with the most diverse possible range of stories, replete with metaphors, allegories and symbols. But it’s the striking film images that form the core, the origin of these stories, and they are what ultimately stay with us. Young Maissa senses a new world helping her to overcome old, deep-seated anxieties and opening inspiring new possibilities as she explores the ocean bays of Catalonia. Kjartan liberates himself from the blazing fire and thereby from an aging artist’s eternal quest for meaning. Ioana goes all in when she intentionally sets off chaos in the big city’s daily traffic routine to make an unmistakable stand against ignorance, condescension and plain old stubbornness. Josip’s last chance to find independence and break out of his restrictive everyday life is a car. Even in the scripts, detailed pictorial compositions speak with their own, as yet unseen power. There’s the comprehensive description, microscopically precise, of the look in the enemy’s eyes as he systematically hems in and cuts off his victim, told in a way that makes the air almost too thin to breathe. Take the defined muscle outlines of an expertly trained dog, a veteran fighter, suddenly transformed from pet to master of the situation whose actions control the sequence and pace of the narrative. Whether images speak in broad symbols or fine detail, they are brimming with suspense, they take stands, feed us premonitions and question assumptions with a dramaturgical strength that stokes intense curiosity about the proposed films.

Find out more about all finalists here.

Script Pitch & Script Lab - Programme

interfilm Berlin will select eight final projects to attend the Script Pitch 2017. Script Pitch contestants will have 5 minutes to present their ideas to a jury of film, production and media professionals. Directly after each pitch, participants will be given a brief individual appraisal by the international jury. Together with our partners Nisi Masa & ESP interforum will invite for our traditional Script Pitch Drinks with competitors and professional visitors to maximize the interlinking of creative and industry professionals in an open forum.

In addition to the Script Pitch competition all participants are provided with a practical and stimulating four-days workshop programme to accompany the competition within the Script Lab. Within the programme there will be seminars on script development to sharpen the participants’ creative skills with Wim Vanacker (Head of Script Department, NISI MASA, BE) and Nadja Dumouchel (Script development, ARTE, La Scénaristerie, FR/DE), a pitch training with Gabriele Brunnenmeyer (Script consultant & coach, Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film, DE) to evaluate the live performance of each contestant and a coaching by Andrea Schwemmer (Actress, coach).

Find out more about all tutors here.

The awards will be given in the frame of the Official Award Ceremony of the interfilm Festival.

In the frame of Script Pitch 2017, German projects will have the opportunity to get preselected by the German Short Film Association for Euro Connection 2018 at Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival 2018.

Script Pitch & Script Lab - Schedule for Finalists


From 20.11.2017 to 26.11.2017 the eight finalists will participate in the Script Lab workshops including the Pitch Training in the former Königstadt-Brauerei and the 3. Stock at Volksbühne. The workshops aim at improving existing projects as well as developing new creative ideas in the interaction with authors from all around the world.

20.11. / Official Opening Ceremony interfilm Festival 2017

21.11. / Script Lab & Workshop - Body & Voice
(by Andrea Schwemmer)

22.11. / Script Lab (by Wim Vanacker & Nadja Dumouchel)

23.11. / Script Lab & Scriptwriters' Session

24.11. / Scrit Pitch Training (by Gabriele Brunnenmeyer)

25.11. / Script Pitch Session 

26.11. / Award Ceremony


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Script Pitch Competition
Nele Luise Fritzsche

Assistenz & Bewerbungskoordination
Sylvie Ullein