36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020



Tebogo Malebogo // South Africa // 2019 // 08:35 min

Live Action

A woman suffers an epileptic fit in front of her house. Mthunzi, on his way home, wants to help, so he carries her into her house. Here he encounters a world where he does not belong.

Actor: Jamie-Lee Money, Nala Khumalo, Russell Crous, Inge Beckmann

Screenplay: Tebogo Malebogo

Director of Photography: Pierre De Villiers

Score: Elu Eboka

Producer: Petrus van Staden

Director: Tebogo Malebogo

Sales Agent: Petrus van Staden

Editor: Petrus van Staden

Sound Mixing: Edward King

Art Design: Lara Hattingh

The film is shown in the following programs

interfilm Distribution: Black Life

11.11.20, 15:30h, Babylon 2

12.11.20, 20:00h, Babylon 3

13.11.20, 22:00h, Babylon 3

14.11.20, 18:00h, Babylon 3

15.11.20, 23:00h, Babylon 2