36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

Just a Guy

Just a Guy

Shoko Hara // Germany // 2020 // 15:00 min

Animation, Documentary

A serial killer and his groupies: three women offer insight into their affection for, attraction to and relationships with Richard Ramirez, who raped and murdered at least 11 women in 1980s California.

Animation: Matisse Gonzales, Shoko Hara, Eliott Deshusses, Sofiia Melnyk, Valentin Kemmner

Screenplay: Simon Thummet

Director of Photography: Shoko Hara

Score: Chiara Strickland

Producer: Stefan Michel

Director: Shoko Hara

Sales Agent: Fabian Driehorst

Editor: Tobias Wilhelmer

Sound Design: Marc Fragstein

Sound Mixing: Marc Fragstein, Luis Schoeffend

Art Design: Sofiia Melnyk

Sound Editing: Luis Schoeffend, Marc Fragstein

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