36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

Hier oben, bei den weißen Göttern

Hier oben, bei den weißen Göttern

Up here, with the white gods

Alexander Lahl / Jalal Maghout / Mike Plitt // Germany // 2020 // 11:44 min

Animation, Documentary

Full of hope, Luciano and his friend Manuel travel from Mozambique to East Germany to become guest workers there. The young man is terrified to learn that the hyenas of his childhood lurk here too.

Animation: Jalal Maghout

Screenplay: Alexander Lahl, Mike Plitt

Score: Hannes Schulze

Producer: Max Mönch, Alexander Lahl

Director: Alexander Lahl, Jalal Maghout, Mike Plitt

Sales Agent: Jalal Maghout

Editor: Jalal Maghout

Sound Design: Hannes Schulze

Sound Mixing: Hannes Schulze

Voice Over: Jörg Malchow

Art Design: Jalal Maghout

Special Effects: Jalal Maghout

Sound Editing: Hannes Schulze