36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020



Bruno Collet // France // 2019 // 12:00 min


For some time now, odd things have been happening in the lives of Louis and Michelle. The world surrounding the artist and his wife appears to be changing. Furniture, objects and individuals decompose or disintegrate for no discernable reason.

Animation: Gilles Coirier, Bilitis Levillain, Marion Le Guillou, Souad Wedell, Julien Leconte, Rodolphe Dubreuil

Screenplay: Bruno Collet

Director of Photography: Fabien Drouet

Score: Nicolas Martin

Producer: Jean-François Le Corre, Mathieu Courtois

Director: Bruno Collet

Sales Agent: Jean-Marie Le Corre

Editor: Jean-Marie Le Rest

Sound Mixing: Léon Rousseau

Voice Over: Dominique Reymond, André Wilms

Art Design: Fabienne Collet, Anna Deschamps, Maude Gallon, Vincent Gadras

Sound Editing: Léon Rousseau

The film is shown in the following programs