36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

Portrait En Pied De Suzanne

Portrait En Pied De Suzanne

Portrait Of Suzanne

Izabela Plucinska // Poland, France, Germany // 2019 // 14:53 min


In the midst of deep loneliness, a true love once believed to be lost grows out of an overweight foot. A miracle? Or greedy delusion?

Animation: Izabela Plucińska

Actor: Pasquale D’incà

Screenplay: Izabela Plucinska, Justyna Celeda, Yann Goodfaith

Director of Photography: Izabela Plucinska

Score: Arfaaz Kagalwala

Producer: Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Paulina Ratajczak, Christine Haupt

Director: Izabela Plucinska

Sales Agent: Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Marta Świętek

Editor: Izabela Plucinska, Nora Bertone

Sound Design: Léo Pouget

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