36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

Nach mir die Sintflut

Nach mir die Sintflut

After us, the Flood

Christoph Hertel // Germany // 2019 // 19:06 min

Live Action

Boring, stuck in a rut, small town life at the foot of a dam gurgles away aimlessly. Even when the structure starts to exhibit first little cracks, the community can’t be stirred from their drab routine.

Animation: Klara Kollmar, Daniel Turk

Screenplay: Christoph Hertel

Director of Photography: Alex Graeff

Score: Vincent Hammel

Producer: Christoph Hertel

Director: Christoph Hertel

Sales Agent: Christoph Hertel

Editor: Christoph Hertel

Sound Design: Nils Gradlowsky

Sound Mixing: Nils Gradlowsky

Art Design: Frank Zigan

Special Effects: Christoph Hertel, Klara Kollmar, Daniel Turk

Sound Editing: Nils Gradlowsky

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