36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

The Van

The Van

Erenik Beqiri // Albania, France // 2019 // 15:00 min

Live Action

The van stops, the doors open, and the son comes out alive. Only a few more fights, then he'll be able to leave Albania. He still hopes his father will come with him.

Actor: Phénix Brossard, Luzlim Zeqja, Arben Bajraktaraj, Romir Zalla, Afrim Muçaj

Screenplay: Erenik Beqiri

Director of Photography: Guillaume Le Grontec

Producer: Olivier Berlemont, Ermir Keta

Director: Erenik Beqiri

Sales Agent: Olivier Berlemont

Editor: Pauline Pallier

Sound Design: Endri Pine

Sound Mixing: Julie Tribout

Sound Editing: Rémi Durel

Text: Erenik Beqiri

The film is shown in the following programs

interfilm Distribution: Cannes Shorts

11.11.20, 20:00h, Babylon 3

12.11.20, 22:00h, Babylon 3

13.11.20, 18:00h, Babylon 3

14.11.20, 23:00h, Babylon 2

15.11.20, 20:00h, Babylon 3