36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

The Edge

The Edge

Géraldine Cammisar / Zaide Kutay // Switzerland // 2020 // 07:20 min


A withdrawn truck driver is trapped by his habits and hardly dares to step out of the sheltered driver's cabin. His journey will however take him beyond the edge of his universe.

Screenplay: Géraldine Cammisar, Zaide Kutay

Score: Mirjam Schnedl

Producer: Ursula Ulmi

Director: Géraldine Cammisar, Zaide Kutay

Sales Agent: Ursula Ulmi

Editor: Géraldine Cammisar, Zaide Kutay

Sound Design: Thomas Gassmann, Etienne Kompis

Sound Mixing: Thomas Gassmann, Etienne Kompis

Art Design: Zaide Kutay, Géraldine Cammisar

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