36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020



Chabname Zariab // France // 2020 // 20:00 min

Live Action

Louise is just about to leave the house when a man on the run from the police hands a bag containing a baby to her. Childless her entire life, Louise suddenly sees a chance for herself and the little one.

Actor: Salim Fontaine, Brigitte Rouan, Livia Mastoura, Bruno Wolkowitch

Screenplay: Chabname Zariab

Director of Photography: Eric Devin

Producer: Lucas Tothe, Sylvain Lagrillère, Lou CHICOTEAU, Jean-Etienne BRAT

Director: Chabname Zariab

Sales Agent: Lucas Tothe

Editor: Manon Falise, Vanessa Basté

Sound Design: Andria Vivarelli

Sound Mixing: Olivier Guillaume

Art Design: Alissia Blanchard

Sound Editing: Lucile Demarquet

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