36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020



Good Luck Yonpey

Shota Shimizu // Japan // 2018 // 03:51 min


Actually, he was only supposed to go shopping, but Yonpei is a boy with an awful lot of energy and a very short attention span. Is that a Japanese-speaking Mickey Mouse over there?

Animation: Shota Shimizu

Actor: Makoto Yamashita, Kanako Izumi

Screenplay: Shota Shimizu

Score: Kyoshiro Sato

Producer: Masaaki Mori

Director: Shota Shimizu

Sales Agent: Shota Shimizu

Editor: Shota Shimizu

Sound Design: Kyoshiro Sato

Sound Mixing: Kyoshiro Sato

Voice Over: Kanako Izumi, Makoto Yamashita

Art Design: Shota Shimizu

Special Effects: Shota Shimizu

Sound Editing: Kyoshiro Sato

Text: Shota Shimizu, Patricia Hishikawa

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