36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

The festival online via Sooner

interfilm 36 will take place entirely online. 270 short films in 30 programs including intros and selected Q&As will be presented on SOONER, only accessible in Germany.

The festival pass will be available from 11 November on SOONER.

The price of 7.95 EUR is valid for the extended festival period from 11 November to 13 December
including an option for a free month for the entire Sooner portfolio. - How to sign up - support-mail
We will be streaming the festival program in 4 blocks:

Wed 11 Nov - Sun 22 Dez

Online Award

Eyes Wide Open - 10 films


Berlin Beats - 8 films
Arab Shorts - Metropolis Beirut - 9 films
Queer Fever - 7 films
Reality Bites - 7 films
China New Talents - 7 films
Girls* Riot! - 7 films


Sound & Vision - 7 films - starting 16.11.

Mon 23 Nov - Sun 29 Nov

Documentary Competition

Home: Unknown - 7 films
Body Politics - 10 films

German Competition

Stadt - 7 films
Land - 5 films
Fluss - 6 films

Green Film Competition

Breathe! - 13 films


Eject XXIII – Die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films - 21 films

European Short Film Audience Award

European Short Film Audience Award 1 - 5 films
European Short Film Audience Award 2 - 4 films

Mon 30 Nov - Sun 6 Dec

International Competition

Animated 1 - Exploding Images - 11 films
Animated 2 - Weird Worlds - 9 films
Encounters of Another Kind - 7 films
Staying Alive - 7 films
Sex & Confusion - 8 films
Exit Strategies - 6 films
Curiosities - 8 films
Confrontations - Changing Perspective - 6 films
Confrontations -  Out of Control - 7 films

Focus on Poland

New Polish Animation - Passions & Desires - 12 films
New Polish Animation -  Beyond Imagination - 11 films
New Polish Shorts - Mixed Feelings - 5 films
New Polish Shorts - Turning the Tables - 6 films

Focus on Postcolonialism

Collective Memory and Personal History - 6 films

Mon 7 Dec - Sun 13 Dec

KUKI 13 - International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin

Competition Programs with age-appropriate moderation and filmmaker Q&As

For Children aged 4+ - 6 films
For Children aged 6+ - 6 films
For Children aged 8+ - 7 films
For Children aged 10+ - 7 films
Watch the World - Documentary Competition for Children aged 10+ - 6 films
For ages 12+ - 7 films
For ages 14+ - 6 films

About Sooner

Sooner is a European streaming service and offers on the flipside of mainstream a wide range of award-winning films, successful series and exclusive creative documentaries. The Berlin based platform showcases the works of renowned directors as well as new exciting titles by authentic, up-and-coming talent. The library comprises a broad selection of films and series as well as shorts and documentaries from the independent and arthouse landscape.

Interforum: Mi 11.11. – Sa 14.11. online & free

Interforum will continue to take place from 11 - 14 November and all events will run online via Zoom, the link to the respective event can be obtained after registration via interforum@interfilm.de. Only the Girls* Riot! Panel had to be cancelled, but we are working on an alternative date!

Di 11.11.2020

18:00 h // MC 01 Florian Tippe – Sound Design for Film in Ableton Live



Do 12.11.2020

13:00 h // MC 02 Regina Pessoa – My Creative Process

15:30 h // MC 03 Maximilian Fraenkel & Laura Mae Cuntze – New Storytelling: beyond the classical webseries

18:00 h // PA 01 Focus on: Poland Special

Fr 13.11.2020

13:00 h // MC 04 Weronika Bilska – The Polish View

15:30 h // PA 02 From Collective Memory to Personal History – Looking at Decolonization in Short Film

Sa 14.11.2020

13:00 h // International Script Pitch

15:30 h // MC 05 Gregor Stitzl – Filmmaking in Pandemic Times

18:00 h // PA 03 Diversity in Filmmaking – Changing the Narrative?

Of course this can’t compare to the real festival experience and nothing annoys us more than not being able to receive our guests personally, or missing out on all the outrageous conversations and wild parties. But: The Show Must Go On and the films are of maximum importance - and presenting them in an appropriate setting is now our ultimate goal. Please note that our OSCAR(R) and FFA-relevance will remain in place even within the new (digital) framework. Our juries will still decide, our prizes will still be awarded and our festival will remain a festival. That is the most important thing.

Naturally, KUKI our section for children and youth has also been affected by the lockdown. But while their cinema screenings have been cancelled, the already-planned online screenings of all KUKI Festival programs to classrooms and kindergartens remains in place and is running at full speed. The programs can still be booked by schools and kindergartens in Berlin and Brandenburg!

We are making the best of a challenging situation and even in these difficult times we are trying to bring the short film into the world as a format, as a medium, as a form of artistic expression. But more than ever we need all the help we can get. A perfect time to have a nice evening at home and watch some good short films on Sooner, join our circle of friends or just share our posts in social media. We’re grateful for all your support.

To support the cinemas, 20 percent of Sooner and interfilm's income goes to our originally planned festival venues.

In this sense: Think positive, but stay negative!

While we want to do our part to flatten the curve, we very much regret the cancellation of public screenings. Our team has been working on this festival edition for a whole year with a lot of heart and soul and with great flexibility – so too the cinema industry which has developed well-functioning safety concepts within such a short time, making the cultural experience possible despite the current situation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees, helpers, sponsors and partners for their support and their enormous commitment to our festival and the short film.