36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
10 - 15 November 2020

International Competition

Clever and defiant, the filmmakers take their place on the international stage to fulfil their mission: to explore the cinematic frontier, to dig up the worn-out paths of narrative and form, to till the tired soil so that a new bloom may appear. - 9 programs

Documentary Competition

Although it’s true that there are more and more documentary formats around these days, frequently they have little if anything in common with documentary cinema. Alas, this precise moment is witnessing documentary film’s evolution into cinema’s most important genre. We will show you why. - 2 programs

German Competition

The “Almans” show what they’re capable of. Socks meet sandals, and noses get up in other people’s business. Alas, fear not: all of the films here are kept nicely separated in clearly-labeled “city”, “countryside” and “river” bins. - 3 programs

Green Film Competition

Though the virus has pushed them off the front page these past months, ecological challenges remain the burning questions of our collective future. - 1 program

eject _XXIII - The long night of weird shorts

Catapulted out of the mirage of comfort into the orbit of insanity, every film here is dripping with a little C9H9NO3. Well, at least there’s no need to consume any innocent children! - 1 program


A festival isn’t a festival without special events! Although 2020 has turned out to be a real jerk, we still intend to go through with “real-life” versions of our most important events. The festival opening on November 10th will kick off a somewhat scaled-back festival week, while the live soundtracking at Sound & Vision and the VR experience in the fulldome represent this year’s core happenings.

Focus On Poland

Wajda, Polanski, Holland, Kieslowski and the “Polish School of Animation” are all well-known cornerstones of Polish cinema. After undergoing a crisis in the 1980s and 90s, Polish cinema has experienced a veritable rebirth in the 21st century. ... Read more. - 5 programs

Focus On Postcolonialism

Diverse perspectives provide insight into Europe’s colonial history: short films from formerly colonised countries of the African continent challenge colonial stereotypes and ways of thinking. - 2 programs

Spezial programs

When it comes down to it, our special programmes are like typical Berliners: queer, from a migration background, body-conscious, more or less style-conscious too, and fond of shrugging off the differences between fiction and reality. - 6 programs

European Short Film Audience Award

Ten European festivals come together to present films that have been honoured with their respective audience awards, which are now vying in turn for the favour of short film enthusiasts all across Europe. A competition as beautiful as it is complicated! - 2 programs


With its diverse supporting program, the festival once again offers a platform for exchange between international guests, filmmakers, trade visitors and the audience: master classes, film talks, panels, interactive sessions, Meet & Greet events.

Script Pitch

Every film starts with a screenplay! For the eighth time the international Script Pitch is focusing on international authors and their powerful ideas. After a four-day Script Lab, the finalists have to present their script to a jury in only five minutes!

interfilm Distribution presents:

There is no future for short films? Well, if you have lost all optimism and desire for unconventional cinema. With its five distribution programs, interfilm is showing for the first time what its in-house distribution thinks about light and serious culture; namely, that art and economic exploitation don‘t need to stand in each other's way and that such a narrative only fuels the reduction of what cinema is and can achieve. - 5 programs