36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020


MC 02 Regina Pessoa - My Creative Process

Spanning from her first encounters with the world of animation in the 1990s to her most recent work, Regina Pessoa will give a step-by-step introduction to her artistic approach and the evolution of her film language, using her trilogy of films on childhood and fear as an example. In the development of her work as a creative process, she will address the diverse techniques she employs in her films, such as engraving on plaster plates, ink on paper or digital engraving. In addition, she will treat her use of light and shadow in depth, and discuss how one element can “live” in the other or be in jeopardy of being “swallowed” by its opposite. Her analysis will focus in particular on her Academy Award nominated animated short film “Uncle Thomas - Accounting for the Days”.

Presenter: Regina Pessoa (born in 1969) grew up in rural Portugal. The simple life of her childhood still exerts a central influence on the stories and visual style of her animated films, which have received multiple international awards.

All events are free of charge and held in English. The events will take place online and the Zoom link is available by registration via interforum@interfilm.de.

12.11.20, 13:00h, Online Event / Please register via interforum@interfilm.de

Regina Pessoa - My Creative Process
Regina Pessoa - My Creative Process

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