36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020
11 November - 13 December 2020

eject _XXIII - The long night of weird shorts

It is now clear that eject_XXIII also falls victim to the virus and the associated measures. Because even if eject doesn't have much to do with common sense to move the planned show to a better time, seems to us inevitable. The core of the evening - the films - can, however, be consumed from home in a very corona-friendly manner. So make yourself comfortable, tear open a can of beer and let the lockdown be sweetened by 21 weird films. "Madness light" for the living room, so to speak. Our moderator 'Folkeracho' will guide you through the program via video messages, recorded in a safe place where he is locked up waiting for the end of the acopalypse.

Online 23.-29.November at http://interfilm.de/sooner

As always, a film can win a lot of cash so don't forget to vote at the end for your weirdest shortfilm! - We stay relevant!


Audience award for the weirdest & most wonderful film 1000,- €
Steuerbüro Frey