INTERFILM 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021

Les derniers hommes

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Les derniers hommes

The last men

Adrien Jeannot // France // 2020 // 16:00 min

Live Action

A man sets off on a quest to confirm whether he is the last of his species. On his journey, he's pursued by a zombie, who also seems to be the last of his kind.

Three Questions for the Director

1. Short Film has a unique way of telling stories and exploring themes. What is it that fascinates you about the short format?

Adrien Jeannot: What I love about short format is the liberty it gives you. I'm used to super low budget, it challenges your imagination and your story telling's efficiency. And because it's short you can almost do it by yourself with just a small camera. Shorts film can tell everything, approach every thematics.

2. The program your film is selected for is called “Stepping Into the Void”: What connection do you see between your film and that title?

Adrien Jeannot: The last men is about loneliness. It is about the last man on earth facing his dead civilisation. I guess we can say that he is litteraly stepping into the void.

3. What film has inspried you most to make films yourself and what part of it do you see in your own work?

Adrien Jeannot: George miller's and Romero's cinema inspired me the most. I really love zombie movies, but for The last men, masters like Tarkovski or Terrence Malik were my inspirations. For me, they have the greatest way to get into carracters intimacy, and of course they are huge esthetes. With The last men, i tried to make an intimate drama more than a true zombie movie. It's all about carracters, their « friendship », their loneliness...

Actor: Dimitri Besicovitch, Eddy Wonka

Screenplay: Adrien Jeannot

Director of Photography: Adrien Jeannot

Score: Esteban Zuñiga

Producer: Adrien Jeannot

Director: Adrien Jeannot

Sales Agent: Adrien Jeannot

Editor: Adrien Jeannot

Special Effects: Etienne Mougey

Sound Editing: Adrien Jeannot

The film is shown in the following programs

International Competition

Stepping Into the Void

17.11.21, 16:00h, Babylon 1

21.11.21, 18:00h, Babylon 1