INTERFILM 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021



Nader Farahwaschy // Germany, Iran // 2021 // 13:40 min

Live Action

The story of two estranged brothers who are both struggling with significant issues in their lives. They set off on a journey through the deserted landscape of Eastern Iran, where they must decide whether or not to help a refugee cross the Irani-Afghan border.

Actor: Amir Janani, Ali Bagheri

Screenplay: Amin Seqatchi, Nader Farahwaschy

Director of Photography: Amirhossein Khoshbin

Producer: Amin Seqatchi, Nader Farahwaschy

Director: Nader Farahwaschy

Sales Agent: Nader Farahwaschy

Editor: Nader Farahwaschy

Sound Design: Mohamad Mehdi Javaherizadeh

Art Design: Armin Rangani

Special Effects: Ali Valipour

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