INTERFILM 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021

Fließende Grenze

Fließende Grenze

Fluid Border

Joana Vogdt // Germany // 2020 // 17:00 min

Live Action

The border between East and West Germany runs right through Schaalsee lake. The attempt to solidify the dividing line shows just how fluid it is.

Actor: Uwe Preuss, Leon Ullrich

Screenplay: Joana Vogdt

Director of Photography: Jana Marsik

Producer: Joana Vogdt, Matthias Greving

Director: Joana Vogdt

Sales Agent: Janina Hennemann

Editor: Dragan Von Petrovic

Sound Design: Anders Wasserfall

Sound Mixing: Andreas Hellmanzik

The film is shown in the following programs

European Short Film Audience Award

European Short Film Audience Award

19.11.21, 21:00h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino

20.11.21, 16:00h, Babylon 1