INTERFILM 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021

d'Gschicht vom grüene Chääs

d'Gschicht vom grüene Chääs

the tale of the green cheese

Noah Erni // Switzerland // 2020 // 04:48 min


A farmer leads an idyllic life in the Swiss Alps, until one of his goats gives birth to a goatling that doesn't look like it is supposed to. But it is ideal for creating a new product.

Animation: Pavithra Paul, Anahi Rodriguez, Noah Erni

Screenplay: Noah Erni

Score: Yannick Herzog, Aleksandra Sucur

Producer: Jürgen Haas

Director: Noah Erni

Sales Agent: Chantal Molleur

Editor: Noah Erni

Sound Design: Lukas Wind

Sound Mixing: Jeroen Visser

Art Design: Noah Erni

Sound Editing: Lukas Wind

Text: Noah Erni

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