INTERFILM 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021

German Competition

GC 03 Hier hast du Beine, jetzt kannst du laufen.

Confrontations with loneliness and the end of the world generate melancholy and resignation. Inner emptiness and isolation from the surrounding world make subjects unhappy. Old habits and behavioural patterns have to be reconsidered and ultimately cast aside, in order to enable new perspectives on life. The fear of failure is considerable in this connection and demands courage. That is why the films of this programme are characterised by falling down and the necessity of getting back up again and again and moving on. To tell stories of success, we have to believe in utopias and set out in their direction.

18.11.21, 18:00h, Babylon 1

20.11.21, 20:00h, Rollberg Kino

Hier hast du Beine, jetzt kannst du laufen.
7 films