INTERFILM 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021


HU 03 Spectrum of Resistance

The filmmakers featured in the short film block "Spectrum of Resistance" aren't afraid to probe society's painful subjects: they reveal the sicknesses of a nation and profile attempts to change the system. Abuse, ignorance, corrupt conditions – they are all covered – and perhaps the individual can really only respond with a deafening scream, as the protagonist in "Balcony" indeed does. The other path to recovery is that of humour: here, for instance, we experience among other things what the last days of an empire might look like in a fictional future.

17.11.21, 18:30h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino

20.11.21, 18:00h, Pfefferberg Theater

Spectrum of Resistance
6 films