INTERFILM 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021

Special Programs

SP 07 Spotlight: Myanmar

On 1 February 2021, the military seized power in a coup – politicians from the democratic parties were put under house arrest or imprisoned outright. Across the country, a majority of the population in the multi-ethnic state pushed back against the military's actions. Since then, over 1000 individuals have been brutally murdered by the military, while over 6000 have been imprisoned, many of whom have been subjected to torture. In the scope of a special programme, we are attempting, on the one hand, to sort out and process what has happened. On the other hand, some of the films here are intended to provide specific insight into the complexity of political, cultural and rural life in this hotly contested, resource-rich nation.

17.11.21, 18:00h, ACUD Kino

18.11.21, 16:30h, Babylon 2

Spotlight: Myanmar
6 films