interfilm 37 International Short Film Festival Berlin
16 - 21 November 2021

Program 2021:

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International Competition
Confrontation Competition
Documentary Film Competition
German Competition
Green Film Competition
eject _XXIV - The long night of weird shorts
European Short Film Audience Award
Eyes Wide Open Online Wettbewerb

Focus On



Berlin Beats
Human Machine
Body Talk - Dance Shorts
Queer Fever
Reality Bites
China New Talents
Teenage Riot - Teen Screen Guest Program
Girls Riot - Teen Screen Guest Program


Opening Night
Virtual Reality meets Full Dome
Sound & Vision
Award Ceremony
Festival Party
Winning Films



Despite the uncertainty of the current situation, we have in correspondence with our funding bodies and sponsors decided that our festival will definitely still take place this November. Although we don't know what the exact form interfilm / KUKI will take in 2021, we do know that it will be an inspiring festival with competition & special programs, awards, juries and lots of incredible short films, just like you're used to.

We know, of course, that for many filmmakers submitting a film, certain questions are particularly urgent at the moment, as they are related to the further exploitation of the film or future funding:

In the event that the festival will be held online, the following points apply:

1. The program will be behind a paywall. Access to films can be restricted via geo-blocking in consultation with the filmmakers. Both factors are relevant for eligibility to the Oscar submissions list.

2. We intend to extend the festival period to 3-4 weeks.

3. German productions will still collect FFA points when selected for our festival competitions.

4. Our awards for "Best Film" and "Best Animation" remain Oscar qualifying.

5. In case of a digital festival, we still intend to hold Q&As with filmmakers.

We will update our position on further questions relating to a possible online festival in due course. These include the frequency of repeat screenings or the duration of the program's availability to users.

If a film is selected for an online version of the festival, an invitation email outlining the exact procedures will be sent. If there are any concerns or if the guidelines have changed, filmmakers are entitled to withdraw their film.