INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022



John Luke Miraflor // Philippines // 2021 // 15:33 min

Live Action

Angela is haunted by the uncanny image of a young girl. While she attempts to cope with the eerie occurrences, her family tries to find its way through a pandemic and poverty.

Actor: Richard Quan, Jewel Phiona Milag, Sue Prado

Producer: Madelaine Miraflor

Director: John Luke Miraflor

Sales Agent: John Luke Miraflor

Editor: John Luke Miraflor

Script: Madelaine Miraflor

Sound Design: Aldrin Sereño

Sound Mixing: Aldrin Sereño

Art Design: John Luke Miraflor

Special Effects: John Luke Miraflor

Sound Editing: Aldrin Sereño

Director of Photography: Carlo Lopez, John Luke Miraflor

The film is shown in the following programs


Focus Philippines 01

18.11.22, 20:30h, ACUD Kino

20.11.22, 20:30h, Pfefferberg Haus 13