INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022

An Evening With Taglioni

An Evening With Taglioni

Jessica Wright / Morgann Runacre-Temple // England // 2021 // 14:04 min

Live Action

When legendary ballerina Marie Taglioni, the first woman to dance on her tiptoes, went into retirement, her ballet slippers were bought by a fan, cooked at a lavish dinner party and served to guests.

Actor: Saffron Coomber, Alessandra Ferri, Jenny Runacre, Raad Rawi, Antonia Franceschi, Matthew Hawkins, Raj Ghatak, Amancio Gonzalez, Paul Liburd

Producer: Noni Couell, Gerry Maguire, Elettra Pizzi, Lise Smith

Director: Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple

Sales Agent: Festival Formula Ltd

Editor: Arttu Salmi

Sound Design: Nikola Medic

Art Design: Steven Blundell, Anna Padolak

Special Effects: Mark Harris

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