INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022

Пляж / Лес / Тамбур

Пляж / Лес / Тамбур

Sviatlana Kazlouskaya / Kiryl Halitski // Belarus // 2019 // 21:00 min

Live Action

He spoke to her on the beach. She wanted to be left in peace and walked away. He followed her and made her day hellish. It could have played out differently though.

Director: Sviatlana Kazlouskaya, Kiryl Halitski

The film is shown in the following programs


Spotlight: Belarus

17.11.22, 18:30h, Unterfilm Clubkino

20.11.22, 20:30h, ACUD Kino