35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

Getting around in Berlin

Jelbi is your mobility app for Berlin's public and sharing services. A train across the city, a bike through the neighborhood, a scooter to the countryside, a bus to work: Jelbi makes you more mobile than ever before.

With the Jelbi app, you can find, book, and of course pay for the best route and the most suitable means of transport for you, depending on the price, weather, or your mood. Currently, you can choose from over 60,000 vehicles and 14 mobility offers. Jelbi - one for all.

Easy to use.

Sign up on Jelbi. Validate your documents and add a payment method. Enter a destination to see available routes. Then, choose your preferred mobility mode. Ride, enjoy, arrive, and pay.
All in one app!

The best way to your destination.

Use Jelbi to find the best route and services for you. Simply enter your destination, see available routes, compare services by time, price, occasion, weather, or simply your mood. Book your trip and start riding!

All in one place.

Jelbi stations bring all sharing services to S-Bahn (city train) and subway stations. Car, bike, or e-scooter: no matter which you choose, here you can flexibly book a vehicle to meet your needs in the Jelbi app, as well as return and charge it.

Check it out at JELBI.DE