INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022

International Competition

8 programs

The 53 films of the International Competition highlight the work of directors who have created stories revolving around the thoughts and emotions of humans embedded in systems ...

Documentary Competition

2 programs

How can events be made palpable in film, even accepting the fact that their mere visual reproduction can never approach the reality, and always carries the risk of oversimplification ...

Green Film Competition

1 program

Now, as the Anthropocene depletes the planet, countless rib-eyes are still sizzling away on the grill and no one seems to find a gasoline-fuelled run to the supermarket worth rethinking ...

eject _XXV - The long night of weird shorts

1 program

Capitulate to us at the Volksb├╝hne become part of a cult that gets a little more flamboyant with each passing year that appeals to areas in your cerebellum that are only lit up by cat videos and teleshopping ...

German Competition

3 programs

It has been a year of extremely powerful and moving stories which have constantly occupied our minds, far beyond our roles as curators. In our selection, we wanted to see the strongest German films ...

European Short Film Audience Award

2 programs

Ten European festivals come together to present films that have been honoured with their respective audience awards, which are now vying in turn for the favour of short film enthusiasts all across Europe ...

Theme: Ghosts of Europe

3 programs

The project presents discourses, setting out from the specifically perspectives of the cities Brussels, Budapest and Berlin, in the scope of three short film programs, each curated by one of the festivals ...

Focus: Philippines

3 programs

Up until recently rather underappreciated as a cinema nation, over the past years the Philippines have managed to become the leading country by far in South-East Asia from a cinematographic perspective ...

Special programs

8 programs

This is where the action is: welcome to Body Talk, zu Reality Bites, Queer Fever, Spotlight: Belarus, Carte Blanche: Regina Pessoa, Craving for Narratives, Girls* Riot! and Teenage Riot! ...


5 Programme

Big events are on the horizon a.o. at the Volksb├╝hne and Colosseum: the Festival Opening, Virtual Reality meets Full Dome, Michael Brynntrup: SUPER 8, Sound & Vision and the Winning Films 2022 ...


9 events

The interforum is a platform for the aspects of filmmaking. It offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with international guests, filmmakers and an interested audience ...

Programs online at SOONER.DE

2 Programme

The two programs of the European Short Film Audience Award are not only shown in cinemas, but are also available nationwide as well as in Austria online at SOONER.DE ...

Trigger warning

"This year, for the first time, we will provide trigger warnings for all programs screened at the interfilm Berlin and KUKI Festivals. These are listed in the catalogue and online under the program description (not for individual films).Please note that these are explicitly not censorship or content warnings (e.g., ""nudity"" or ""blood""), but trigger warnings to prevent someone from being inadvertently exposed to past trauma.

The curators of each program have thought of the most commonly recognized trigger warnings to the best of their ability. This is by no means a complete listing of all possible triggers for trauma, and in case we have overlooked any that might trigger a post-traumatic response, we apologise in advance. In any case, we welcome your feedback ("