INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022


IC 03 Against all that you can’t control

"Where do I belong?" is the urgent question haunting the films of this program. Here, individuals seek a sense of belonging in their home regions, or recognition in their families, or safety among strangers. Not all of them are fortunate enough to find their place in this world. The stories follow the dialectic of liberation in spite of coercion. An odd form of mould appears in a refugee home, a little boy has to dress up as a girl and a mole reflects back on days past with his grandfather.

Triggerwarning: emotional violence, racism

18.11.22, 19:30h, Pfefferberg Theater

19.11.22, 17:30h, Colosseum 2

20.11.22, 22:00h, Pfefferberg Theater

Against all that you can’t control
6 films