INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022


DOC 02 Of Memory & Violence

State violence, war, institutionalised brutality, systematic torture. Humans are capable of the unspeakable. How can horrific events be made palpable in film, even accepting the fact that their mere visual reproduction can never approach the reality, and always carries the risk of oversimplification? To get inside this complex dynamic, the filmmakers represented here cast aside any expectation of capturing incontrovertible truth, setting out instead in search of subjective reality, perceived truth and the individual processing of trauma.

Triggerwarning: torture, explicit depiction or mention of physical, emotional or sexual violence, war

16.11.22, 20:30h, Pfefferberg Haus 13

17.11.22, 18:00h, ACUD Kino

20.11.22, 14:30h, Pfefferberg Theater

Of Memory & Violence