INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022


EV 04 Sound & Vision

Sound and vision: though they may lose a little something in German translation, the truth is that these three little words stand for top-shelf audio-visual creations – no wonder this is one of the most beloved programs at INTERFILM. We are proud to present gripping short films on one of the city's largest screens, drawn from diverse genres and the past two production years, and – to top it all off – featuring brand-new sounds. Featuring novel soundtracks specially composed for this evening by the hottest bands in Berlin, SOUND & VISION opens the way for a new experience of moving images, sound and their interrelation, heightened by the unique in-situ spatial aspects of the Volksbühne.

1 "Touching Box" set Matapacos to music with voice and instruments
2 "Hannah Vogt & Band" set Blue Love to music with violin, electric guitar and drums
3 "Katalog" sets Hysteresis to music with live samples and sounds
4 "Infant Sanchos" sets Regular to music with electro punk
5 "Aron Wunderlich" sets Tranvia to music on piano
6 "Durchgangszimmer" sets Blue Moon to music with live samples and voice art
7 "Luis Schöffend & Josip Duvnjak" set Rest in Piece to music with live Foley and piano accompaniment
8 "Klangschneider" sets Ghosts to music
9 "Toolbox Orchestra" sets Good bye Jerome to music with twenties music

19.11.22, 21:30h, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Sound & Vision
9 films