INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022


EU 03 United in Diversity?

Diversity remains a timely topic, and the political sphere has also adopted (or co-opted) the term and the accompanying set of issues where it can. The European motto "United in Diversity" is gaining renewed relevance. However, though a buzzword may become omnipresent, it doesn't necessarily mean anything is changing. A motto is all well and good in the end, but is the promise it implies being put into practice too? With its program, the Brussels-based short film festival asks precisely this uncomfortable question, adding a much-deserved question mark to the European motto.

Curated by Brussels Short Film Festival.

Triggerwarning: homophobia, racism, xenophobia

18.11.22, 17:30h, Colosseum 2

19.11.22, 20:30h, Rollberg Kino

United in Diversity?
United in Diversity?


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