INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin
15 - 20 November 2022

Theme: Ghosts of Europe

Ghosts of Europe arose from the long years of collaboration between Brussels Short Film Festival, Friss Hús Budapest and interfilm Berlin, and was planned to celebrate the 30th anniversary year of the city partnerships between Berlin and Brussels on one hand and Berlin and Budapest on the other. The project understands Berlin as one of Europe's cultural centres, and as a place where strains of European discourse are present in a condensed state, in a way that is almost physically palpable – and strikingly similar to the urban realities in Budapest and Brussels. The Ghosts of Europe project presents these discourses, setting out from the specifically individual perspectives of the three cities, in the scope of three short film programs, each curated by one of the festivals. In the thematic focus: questions related to the current European zeitgeist, the fundamental values of Europe and their implementation, as well as questions about the promise of Europe, of the EU – and the individuals who are attempting to make good on it.