INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023

INTERFILM - International Short Film Festival Berlin

Founded in 1982 in the squats of Kreuzberg, INTERFILM is the oldest and largest short film festival in the capital that attracts international filmmakers and local film fans alike to the cinemas every year. The festival, which qualifies for the Academy Awards, has long been renowned beyond German and European borders.

INTERFILM and its sister festival KUKI - the young short film festival Berlin show more than 350 short films every year in more than 50 programmes, workshops and events. Both festivals see themselves as audience festivals with a focus on narrative film. Both festivals have set themselves the goal of curately reflecting current political and social events and creating a space for strong films with progressive content. Representation, reflection and empowerment are at the centre of programmes that deal with themes of post-colonial heritage, social participation, global injustice, sexual and gender self-determination and anti-capitalist positions. In short: INTERFILM & KUKI focus on the central potential of short film, its ability to reflect the red-hot zeitgeist. The selected short films and the colourful, loud, loving audience show that this does not have to mean dreary discourse events under the aegis of old white men.

Since 2020 the artistic direction of the festival has been taken over by a 10-member festival curatorium. A step that firmly anchors the diversity and polyphony of the short film medium in the artistic orientation and curatorial practice of the festival, and a concept that should also take the multifaceted nature of short film into account in the organisational structure of the festival. Living up to this claim is not always easy, but discussion is productive and monoculture is never sustainable. The signs of the times are complex and this must also be reflected in the way we work.

The Festival Curatorium is formed by Alexander Stein, Andrea Schwemmer, Cord Dueppe, Fredi Klutas, Heinz Hermanns, Matthias Groll, Matti Swiec, Monica Koshka-Stein, Moritz Lehr and Sarah Dombrink .

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Heinz Hermanns once again for his invaluable work, which over four decades has made INTERFILM what it is today: a celebration of short film with an international reputation, strong roots and confidence in the future.