INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023

Nothing Holier Than a Dolphin

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Nothing Holier Than a Dolphin

Isabella Margara // Greece // 2022 // 17:02 min

Live Action

Trouble in a seafood restaurant: the catch has been poor, and everyone is praying for a miracle. When the whole team puts together a performance of a fisherman's yarn, fate smiles and a dolphin finds its way into their net!

Actor: Flomaria Papadaki, Dimitris Kataleifos, Giorgos Symeonidis

Producer: Kyriaki Virou (Zen Movie)

Director: Isabella Margara

Sales Agent: Virginia Gherardini (Zen Movie)

Editor: Christos Giannakopoulos

Script: Isabella Margara

Sound Design: Stefanos Efthymiou

Sound Editing: Leandros Ntounis

Director of Photography: Claudio Bolivar

The film is shown in the following programs


Pulling Away the Curtain

15.11.23, 20:30h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino

16.11.23, 18:00h, Rollberg Kino

19.11.23, 17:00h, Pfefferberg Theater