INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023

Fünfzehn Minuten

Fünfzehn Minuten

Fifteen Minutes

Sejad Ademaj // Germany // 2022 // 13:05 min

Live Action

Jasmina wants to go on the class trip but her immigration status won't allow it. The doorbell rings: her boyfriend, she thinks, but it's the cops instead, declaring she and her family have to leave Germany in 15 minutes. [CW: police violence, suicide]

Producer: Maximillian Gebhardt

Director: Sejad Ademaj

Sales Agent: Sejad Ademaj

The film is shown in the following programs


A/pathetic System

15.11.23, 17:30h, Cinestar Kino in der KulturBrauerei

17.11.23, 18:30h, Unterfilm Clubkino

18.11.23, 22:00h, Pfefferberg Theater