INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023

Black Youth

Black Youth

Isaac Martinez // Germany // 2023 // 04:03 min

Documentary, Experimental, Commercial Work

The poetic, subjective narrative in "Black Youth" treats the discriminating hurdles that Black men must overcome in becoming adults. Surrounded by oppressive whiteness, as far as the eye can see, yet not without power.

Actor: Levy Budiaki, Hafid Ayeva, Archad Korodowou

Producer: Isaac Martinez (Studio CRTM)

Director: Isaac Martinez

Sales Agent: Isaac Martinez (Studio CRTM)

Editor: Gilles Bluhm

Script: Isaac Martinez

Sound Design: Manuel Mählnhoff

Sound Mixing: Manuel Mählnhoff

Voice Over: Dimitri Abold

Art Design: Isaac Martinez

Sound Editing: Manuel Mählnhoff

Text: Isaac Martinez

Director of Photography: Vincent Rizdorfer, Gilles Bluhm

The film is shown in the following programs


Identities in Motion

16.11.23, 19:30h, Pfefferberg Theater

17.11.23, 20:30h, Rollberg Kino

18.11.23, 20:00h, Cinestar Kino in der KulturBrauerei