INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023




Pauline Picard // France // 2023 // 05:32 min

Live Action

A creepy earworm is haunting Edith, in the form of a rabbit-eared man wearing a pink shirt. Whether she's in the shower or at her desk, at the bus stop, in the cinema or in bed with a lover – he just won't leave her alone. [CW: Suicide]

Actor: Robin Peroni, Antoine Dupire, Eline Vey, Bérengère Steiblin, Sonia Durand, Jules Robin, Margaux Dreyer

Producer: Pauline Picard (Les 4 en Plastique)

Director: Pauline Picard

Sales Agent: Pauline Picard

Editor: Guillaume Plasse

Script: Pauline Picard

Sound Mixing: Guillaume Plasse

Sound Editing: Guillaume Plasse

Director of Photography: Célestin Monteil

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