INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023

The Meatlump

The Meatlump

Morten Arnfred // Denmark, Norway // 2022 // 06:52 min


What image does the phrase "lump of meat" evoke? A uniform mass of flesh or several pieces joined to form a lump? Is the human body a lump? What about many bodies, taken together? [CW: blood]

Actor: Rickard Fredborg, Julie Rasmussen, Maren Fidje Bjørneseth

Producer: Julie Rasmussen

Director: Morten Arnfred

Sales Agent: Morten Arnfred

Editor: Morten Arnfred

Sound Design: Morten Arnfred

Sound Mixing: Tor Laurens

Director of Photography: Morten Arnfred

The film is shown in the following programs


Body Talk

16.11.23, 18:00h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino

18.11.23, 21:00h, Unterfilm Clubkino