INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023

International Competition

8 programs

The heart of the festival! 8 programs packed with the most exciting international short films of the last two years. Films about departure, about spaces of possibility, about self-discovery and self-assertion ...

German Competition

3 programs

The German Competition brings together the national short film scene in three programs and presents what the film scene in Germany is currently dealing with: Questions of power, of rigid societal systems and the possibility ...


Documentary Competition

3 programs

Hardly any other film form is currently in such a state of flux as the documentary film. In times when almost everything is documented and shared, when we collectively become observers and archivists, documentary film is ...

Green Film Competition

2 programs

The world is on fire, and not just since yesterday. Activists are stigmatized as terrorist organizations and Berlin is building a laughable climate highway. With a lot of humor and drastic images, the Green Film Competition ...

European Short Film Audience Award

2 programs

10 film festivals jointly select the best European short film of the year. And as is always the case with inter-European organizations, the procedure is rather complicated: Each festival awards an audience prize ...

eject _XXVI - The long night of weird shorts

1 program

Certainly one of the strangest short film competitions in the world: Eject takes no prisoners, hits the spot, doesn't give in and doesn't get tired. Even in its 26th (!) edition, every expectation is still subverted here ...


Confrontations Nominees

1 program

The Confrontations Award is a prize for films that deal with human rights issues. From major conflicts to everyday situations, it is about the fundamental question of human coexistence, about unquestionable rights ...

The 'other' German cinema

3 programs

The *Other* German cinema conquers the screens! It is refreshingly different because it locates itself beyond othering, stereotypical images, and dominant narratives and practices. Its consciously anti-racist, feminist, queer ...

Special programs

11 programs

As usual, the special programs bring together a sprawling collection of the most diverse curatorial concepts, themes and perspectives. From Afghanistan to Uganda, from bicycle film to mockumentary.



8 events

INTERFILM'S space for exchange and further education is concentrated at InterForum with workshops, talks, panels - conversation, knowledge transfer, discourse ...


11 Events

From the grand Opening Night to Sound & Vision and the Virtual Worlds of full-dome projection: Here you will find all manner of beyond-cinema extravanganzas. Cine-Bingo and Film-Karaoke ...

Content warning

This year we again want to provide content warnings for all programs shown at the INTERFILM and KUKI festivals. These are listed online under the program description (not with the individual films). See for more information.

Please note that these are content warnings for sensitive topics discussed or shown in the respective films. At best, they are intended to prevent anyone from being unwittingly exposed to past trauma.

The curators of the individual programs, as well as we as organizers, have formulated such content warnings to the best of our knowledge. This is not necessarily a complete listing of all possible triggers for trauma. In any case, we welcome your feedback (