INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023


IC 03 Up a Creek Without a Paddle

The saying "to be in the same boat" has taken on a very cynical overtone. These days, one goes out of one's way to avoid using it indiscriminately when describing shared suffering. Whether the subject matter is swimming against the tide in a familiar group, having the system work against you, or being alone together – the six films of the competition program "Up a Creek Without a Paddle" vividly capture what it feels like to be drifting with no means of forward propulsion.

16.11.23, 17:30h, Cinestar Kino in der KulturBrauerei

17.11.23, 19:30h, Pfefferberg Theater

18.11.23, 15:30h, Rollberg Kino

Up a Creek Without a Paddle
6 films