INTERFILM 39 International Short Film Festival Berlin
14 - 19 November 2023

Focus on: The *Other* German Cinema

The *Other* German Cinema conquers the screens! It is refreshingly different because it locates itself beyond othering, stereotypical images, and dominant narratives and practices. Its consciously anti-racist, feminist, queer, intersectional and decolonial films challenge the status quo – with diversity as normality rather than the „other", with subversively empowering stories and nuanced characters. Here BIPOC neither have to represent "their culture" nor serve as tokens for the quota, but rather naturally shape the narrative perspective and attitude of the films from the center of the plot.

The interfilm focus "The *Other* German Cinema" presents three programs with a total of 13 short films from the last 10 years, which were made by BIPOC directors and have BIPOC as main characters: "Asian Diasporic Queer Self/Love" is about tensions and negotiation processes in love, community, family and with one's own identity. "Intergeneration" shows coming-of-age stories in which children and young adults master different conflicts and go their own way. „We Remember to Resist“ is dedicated to the resistant practice of remembering and commemorating, told from the perspective of those affected, victims and survivors of racist violence in Germany. A special focus is on films from the Asian-German diaspora. Curated by Canan Turan.

The curator would like to visually emphasize the program's distancing from Othering by italicizing the word "other" in the title as well as the asterisks next to it. Due to technical circumstances, however, the italicization in the title is unfortunately not possible.

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