INTERFILM 40 International Short Film Festival Berlin
5 - 10 November 2024

Sound & Vision is looking for Musicians


During the coming edition of interfilm Berlin Short Film Festival this November, Sound & Vision will once again bring together contemporary short films from all over the world to meet the diversity of Berlin's music scene and the sheer variety of possibilities for experimenting with sound in film.

If selected, you will be one of 6-8 acts and will get to choose one of the international short films from our current festival program that inspires you most (up to 8 minutes long) without hearing the original soundtrack. Then you will have up to 6-8 weeks to compose / create your own soundtrack and perform it live at the Volksbühne on 07 November 2024!

Think you'd like to be part of it or want to find out more?

Then send an email to Aaron Ghantus

Please supply the following information:

› name / band name / artist name
› email address / telephone number
› place of residence
› website / social media link (if applicable)
› photo and / or video
› sound or video example
› short description of your project / band

We especially encourage and welcome BIPoC, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and those who have faced discrimination to apply.

The closing date for applications is 16 July 2024

Although this is a magnificent event in a beautiful historic theatre, we want the ticket prices to remain accessible, so the budget is low and we are currently only able to pay each act a minimal expense and transport allowance. We want to highlight that we, as a festival do not make any profit from this event, and habe not been able to secure extra funding for Sound & Vision (but we’re working on it!). We are however, very excited about the concept and want to continue to offer musicians the opportunity to participate. All participating musician will receive a festival pass with access to all screenings and film undustry events.

About the festival:

INTERFILM and its sister festival for younger audiences, KUKI - the Young Short Film Festival Berlin show more than 350 short films every year in more than 50 programmes, workshops and events. Both festivals have set themselves the goal of reflecting current political and societal discourses. Representation, reflection, creativity and empowerment are at the centre of our programmes - whilst celebrating cinema and our festival as a communal space of exchange, coming together and inspiration!