INTERFILM 40 International Short Film Festival Berlin
5 - 10 November 2024

Internship in the area of social media

Internship from mid-August to mid-November 2024 to strengthen our social media team


    Creation of social media on Instagram and Facebook
    Communicating festival content with images and text


  •     Confidence in formulating German and English texts
  •     Skilled handling of word processing and the Internet
  •     Systematic and independent way of working


  •     We particularly encourage BIPoC, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people and people with other experiences of discrimination to apply.
  •     Period: 3 months
  •     The internships are part-time at 3 days/week
  •     Unfortunately, internships cannot be remunerated. Therefore, enrollment as a student (or the orientation phase) is very important. Further cooperation in the preparation and realization of the festivals is possible.

Would you like to be part of it? Then please apply to Matti Swiec ( with a current CV in tabular form (PDF) and a brief explanation of why you would like to be involved.

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