34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
Awards and Winners

interfilm Awards and Winners 2018

International Competition

Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award - Best Film 6000,- € - Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

How It Feels to Be Hungover (Hur det känns att vara bakis)
Viktor Hertz // Sweden // 2018 // 10:00 min - Live Action
Best Live Action 3.000,- € - 25p cine support
The prize-winning film will qualify for consideration in the
Short Film Category of the Annual Academy Awards® without
the standard theatrical run, provided that the film otherwise
complies with the Academy rules.

Dark Chamber
Otto Banovits // Sweden, Hungary // 2018 // 06:00 min // Experimental, Live Action
Best Animation 3.000,- € - SAE Institute
The prize-winning film will qualify for consideration in the
Short Film Category of the Annual Academy Awards® without
the standard theatrical run, provided that the film otherwise
complies with the Academy rules.

Gustaf Lindstrom // United Kingdom // 2018 // 05:12 min // Animation
Best Cinematography 5.000,- € Postproduktion - D-Facto Motion

Maneki Neko
Manolis Mavris // Greece // 2017 // 19:00 min // Experimental, Live Action

Special Mentions:

Ian Hunt Duffy // Ireland // 2016 // 19:45 min // Live Action
During a traffic jam on a country road, a little girl disappears from one of the gridlocked cars. The desperate father forms a search party and soon everyone becomes a suspect.

Dressed for Pleasure (Je fais où tu me dis)
Marie de Maricourt // Switzerland // 2017 // 16:30 min // Live Action
Sarah is twenty years old and still lives with her parents due to a disability. Her sexual fantasies become more and more important until the arrival of a new cleaner, a transsexual woman, messes everything up.


Confrontations Competition

1. Prize 2.000,- € - Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Wren Boys
Harry Lighton // United Kingdom // 2017 // 10:00 min // Live Action
A Catholic priest from Cork drives his nephew to prison on the day before Christmas.
Confrontations Online Award 1.000,- € - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V.

Bystander [تماشاچی]
Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi // Iran // 2017 // 03:20 min // Animation
A society of uniformity is unwilling to tolerate those who think differently.

Special Mentions:

Harina /Flour
Joanna Nelson // Venezuela // 2018 // 15:00 min // Live Action
Roberto cares for his unemployed mother and himself. They run into a conflict when she insists that he buys flour for her birthday cake.

Mobil / Mobile
Truls Krane Meby // Norwegen // 2018 // 09:50 min // Live Action
The young Syrian refugee Whalid tries to make a phone call to his family from a refugee reception center in Norway. His family has also fled Syria.


Documentary Comeptition

Best Documentary 1.000,- € - Firefox

The Shield that I Carry (Khoussouf)
Basma Farhat // Lebanon // 2017 // 18:50 min // Documentary
Normally Basma doesn’t wear a hijab. But one day she decides she’s ready for a change because she’s curious how her parents will react.
Most Exceptional Documentary 1.000,- € - fritz-kola

My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes
Charlie Tyrell // Canada // 2017 // 13:40 min // Animation, Documentary
Filmmaker Charlie Tyrell tries to create a picture of his dead father who was always a mystery to him using objects his father left behind.

Special Mentions

Rishi Chandna // Indien // 2017 // 14:00 min // Documentary
This family in India keeps a rooster as a house pet that isn’t exactly warmly accepted by all members of the family.

Listen ( Luister)
Astrid Bussink // Niederlande // 2017 // 15:00 min // Documentary, Experimental
Children also have a lot of things to worry about. Luckily, there are hotlines for children in need of help. But what do you tell a complete stranger?

German Competition

1. Prize 5.000,- € Postproduktion - D-Facto Motion

Neko No Hi / Cat Days
Jon Frickey // Germany, Japan // 2018 // 11:09 min // Animation
The little Jiro suffers from cat fever. The doctor prescribes a session of identity therapy.
2. Prize 2.500,- € Film Equipment rental - 25p cine support

Nenn mich nicht Bruder / Don`t Call Me Bro
Gina Wenzel // Germany // 2018 // 18:44 min // Live Action
Cheyenne is the only girl in a soccer gang. When one day a new boy joins them, her views are challenged.
3. Prize 1.000,- € - Spindler & Klatt

Räuber & Gendarm / Cops & Robbers
Florian Maubach // Germany // 2017 // 08:16 min // Animation
While playing cops-n-robbers with friends, Daniel realizes that he and
Carla are actually playing a game of hide-n-seek as he runs off and hides.
FBW-Sonderpreis zur Förderung des besonderen Kurzfilms / Kinderkurzfilms FBW - Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung

Rules Of Play
Merlin Flügel // Germany // 2018 // 07:30 min // Animation
It is difficult to recognize what the rules are for this ritual of animated characters at the playground. But it captivates our gaze.

Special Mention:

Nach dem Fest / After the party
Hannes Schilling // Deutschland // 2017 // 14:40 min // Live Action
Two homeless people break into a home one night and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of normal people.

Green Film Competition

Best Environmental Film 1.500,- € - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V.

Florian Brauch & friends // France // 2017 // 06:20 min // Animation
The fish have to adapt if the ocean is filled with garbage, even if it means that you have a bottle cap for a head.
Green Film Online Award 1.000,- €
Donkey Republic

Die Andere Welt / Another World
Florinda Frisardi // Germany // 2017 // 04:09 min // Experimental
Seeing the world through a VR headset and raising plants with a dropper.

Eject_XXI - The Long Night Of Weird Shorts

Audience award for the weirdest & most wonderful film 1.000,- € - Berliner Pilsner

Anna Mantzaris // United Kingdom // 2017 // 02:21 min // Animation
Do you ever get the feeling some days that you just want to explode?
The characters in this film indulge themselves, because sometimes enough is enough.

Script Pitch Competition

Best Script Pitch 1.000,- €
25p *cine support

Script Consulting
Master School Drehbuch
Winning Script: "Daily Ink" by Polen Ly, Cambodia

Special Mention: Script "Release" by Marianne Lentz, Denmark