34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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4 AVRIL 1968

4 AVRIL 1968

APRIL 4TH 1968

Myriam Gharbi // France, Guadeloupe // 2014 // 20:00 min

Live Action

Sabine lives with her aunt in the countryside in Guadalupe. She has no idea that she won't be going to school when she leaves home on this particular day: April 4, 1968.

Actor: Anais Moffen, Gary Carr, Aude Legastelois, Jacqueline Etienne, Léanne Etienne, Nathalie Laul

Screenplay: Myriam Gharbi

Producer: CÉLINE MARIE FARMACHI, Florent Lacaze

Director: Myriam Gharbi

Editor: David Bensaid

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