34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Köztes Pont

Köztes Pont


Melinda Szabó-Nyulász // Hungary // 2018 // 04:30 min

Animation, Experimental

With his pianot Josep writes the film Score for the journey of a girl through the wide and untouched forest.At Sound & Vision the film will be live sounded by JOSEP SUQUET

Animation: Melinda Szabó-Nyulász

Screenplay: Melinda Szabó-Nyulász

Director of Photography: Márton Vízkelety

Score: Tamás Zányi

Producer: Orsolya Székely

Director: Melinda Szabó-Nyulász

Sales Agent: Zsuzsanna Kurucz

Editor: Melinda Szabó-Nyulász

Sound Design: Tamás Zányi

Sound Mixing: Tamás Zányi

Art Design: Melinda Szabó-Nyulász

Sound Editing: Tamás Zányi

The film is shown in the following programs


Sound & Vision

24.11.18, 21:00h, Volksbühne