34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Living Like Heta

Living Like Heta

Isabella Luu / Kerstin Zemp / Bianca Caderas // Switzerland // 2017 // 06:12 min


Heta’s daily routine is very strict. She cuts red hair, does her exercises, and pumps her breast milk for a young seal. One day, however, she makes a mistake.

Animation: Amélie Cochet, Arnold Wagner, Lalita Brunner, Brontë Kolster, Matthew Grässlin, Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, Bianca Caderas, Isabella Luu, Kerstin Zemp

Producer: Gerd Gockell

Director: Isabella Luu, Kerstin Zemp, Bianca Caderas

Sales Agent: Bianca Caderas

Sound Design: Thomas Gassmann, Bill Bühler, Giulia Schlüchter

Sound Mixing: Thomas Gassmann

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