34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Min homosyster

Min homosyster

My Gay Sister

Lia Hietala // Sweden // 2017 // 15:00 min

Live Action, Commercial Work

How do you find out if you’re really in love? Cleo turns to her big sister’s girlfriend to find out more...

Actor: Tina Pourdavoy, Erika A. Coleman, Safavi Juliette

Producer: Stefan Henriksson, Lia Hietala, Karin Stenwall

Director: Lia Hietala

Sales Agent: Stefan Henriksson

The film is shown in the following programs


Girls' Riot! TeenScreen - guest program

22.11.18, 18:00h, Volksbühne 3. Stock

25.11.18, 18:00h, Babylon 3