34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Nenn mich nicht Bruder

Nenn mich nicht Bruder

Don`t Call Me Bro

Gina Wenzel // Germany // 2018 // 18:44 min

Live Action

Cheyenne is the only girl in a soccer gang. When one day a new boy joins them, her views are challenged.

Actor: Marie Schulte-werning, Mateo Wansing Lorrio, Moritz Reinisch

Screenplay: Gina Wenzel

Director of Photography: Sebastian Bergfeld

Producer: Gina Wenzel

Director: Gina Wenzel

Sales Agent: Gina Wenzel

Sound Mixing: Simone Weber

Sound Editing: Simone Weber

The film is shown in the following programs

German Competition

Game Changer

22.11.18, 15:00h, Babylon 2

23.11.18, 18:00h, Rollberg Kino

24.11.18, 17:30h, Babylon 1